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Information held by the University is released for all sorts of reasons and to all sorts of people every working day. From students requiring information about courses, government agencies requesting details on core activities, journalists reporting on graduations, to members of the public enquiring about events, the flow of information is constant at all levels of the institution.

In addition to the release of general information in response to routine enquiries, the University is also required to deal with requests arising from the exercise of statutory rights of access under the Data Protection Act 2018 and the Freedom of Information Act 2000. Compliance with each places specific obligations on the University on how requests for information should be handled and processed.

To help deal with the demands arising from the legislation, the University has established an Information Compliance Unit as part of the Registrar's Office.  This unit is responsible for overseeing University compliance with Freedom of Information and Data Protection. In particular, it is responsible for:

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