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Biological and Infectious Agents Advisory Group

Terms of Reference:

The Committee provides specialist advice and guidance on the use of genetically modified organisms and infectious agents at work. Its purpose is to:

(a) Review the policy on and arrangements for biological Health and Safety matters including control of hazards associated with pathogenic organisms.

(b) Make recommendations to the Health and Safety Management Group on policy and arrangements required under current or proposed biological Health and Safety regulations, Approved Codes of Practice and Guidance.

(c) Act as the Statutory Committee for oversight of Genetic Modification.

(d) Form Project Groups to review and report back to the Committee on specific issues.

(e) Oversee the investigation of incidents arsing from or associated with biological agents at work and the preparation of reports and recommendations to the Health and Safety Management Group.

(f) Commission specific reports necessary for specialist advice.


Composition Current Members
Chair: Senior Academic Professor S Patrick
Ex Officio: Chair, Health and Safety Consultative Committee  Professor D Jones
  University Biological Safety Officer Mr S Church
  Deputy Biological Safety Officer


  One Member of Technical staff Mr P Larkin
  Occupational Health Physician Dr D O Todd
  Safety Manager Mr R G Butler
  Trade Union Safety Representatives

Dr M McCaigue

Mr B O’Loughlin

Dr L Kulakov

In Attendance

School/Unit Representatives:

Centre for Cancer Research & Cell Biology

Centre for Infection & Immunity

Centre for Vascular & Vision Sciences

School of Pharmacy

School of Biological Sciences

Belfast Trust



Dr P Mullan

Professor L Cosby / Dr R Ingram

Dr D McDonald

Dr J Burrows

Dr A Trudgett / Professor M Larkin

Professor P Coyle


Relevant University Officers

As Required
Serviced by: Human Resources Directorate
Reports to: Health and Safety Management Group
Receives reports from:

Health and Safety Management Group

Health and Safety Consultative Committee

Project Groups

Other committees and advisory groups as appropriate

Updated January 2013