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Investment Committee

Terms of Reference:

The terms of reference of the Investment Committee are derived from two sources: 

(i)   The Queen's University (Trust Scheme) Order (NI) 1982 -  

To advise the Planning and Finance Committee upon the investment, sale or reinvestment of any of the funds comprised in the Investment Fund and of any other funds or monies which shall at any time be or become subject to this Scheme.

In accordance with any authority from time to time conferred on it by the Planning and Finance Committee to buy, sell or otherwise deal with stocks, shares and securities of all kinds including real property or any interest therein for and on behalf of the University for the Investment Fund.

(ii)   The Planning and Finance Committee -
To provide advice on the investment of general University funds.
To consider and subsequently report/make recommendations on matters pertinent to the investment of funds, the receipt of income and expenditure incurred and the management of Trust Funds.


Chair:   Honorary Treasurer*
Ex Officio:   President and Vice-Chancellor*
    Co-opted Members
In Attendance:   Registrar and Chief Operating Officer
Director of Finance
Relevant University Officers as required
    N.B. The membership should consist of not more than seven persons experienced in finance and investment, a majority of whom should be members of the Planning and Finance Committee (*).


Serviced by:    Finance Directorate    
Reports to:   Planning and Finance Committee    
reports from:
  Advisory groups as appropriate

The Investment Committee meets three times each year.