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Standing Committee

Terms of Reference:

(a)   To consider and report upon all matters referred to it by Senate, or the President and Vice-Chancellor.
(b)   Consideration and approval of business, as may from time to time be committed to it under Statute XII i.e. matters of redundancy, discipline, grievances, dismissal and removal from post.
(c)   Initial consideration and approval of policy to ensure the promotion of all aspects of Equality and Diversity across the University and full compliance with all related statutory and legislative requirements - to incorporate the consideration and evaluation of progress within the University's Equality Scheme, in line with Section 75 of the Northern Ireland Act 1998.

Consideration and approval of recommendations in respect of University appointments - this will include:

  • Co-options to the membership of core Committees and Related Companies.
  • Appointments of University representatives to External Bodies.
  • Extra Contractual Appointments - Requests from Members of the Senior Management Group.
  • Appointment of Clerk of Convocation.
  • Appointment of the Chair of the Audit Committee.
  • Appointment of the Chair if the Military Education Committee.
(e)   Consideration and approval of the Policy for the Appointment of University Chaplains and other Religious Representatives - this will include the approval of new Chaplains/Religious Representatives and consideration of the Chaplaincy Annual Reports, submitted at the end of each academic year. 

Consideration and approval of policies and procedures to support the University in the effective implementation of its governance arrangements - this will include:

  • The Regulation for the Flying of the University Standard and Acknowledging Deaths.
  • The Policy for the Acceptance/Refusal of Gifts, Endowments and Legacies.
  • The Protocol for the Naming of Buildings, Rooms and Other Facilities.
  • The University's Charity Policy.
  • Guidance on Staff Relationships.
  • Recruitment of Ex-Offenders.

Appointment of a Pro-Vice-Chancellor to act in the event of the absence of the President and Vice-Chancellor (SVI).


Approval of any required amendments to the membership, powers and functions of the Institute of Professional Legal Studies and the determination of the duties and terms and conditions of the Director of the Institute (SXIII).


To transact such other business as may from time to time be committed to it by Senate.




President and Vice-Chancellor    

Ex Officio:   1 Pro-Chancellor
Honorary Treasurer
3 lay members of Senate
2 staff members of Senate
In Attendance:   Registrar and Chief Operating Officer
Relevant University Officers as required
Quorum:   4 members    
Serviced by:    Registrar's Office    
Reports to:   Senate    
Receives reports from:   Other University Committees as appropriate     
Meetings:   The Standing Committee normally meets three times each year.