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Residential Life

Thanksgiving at Accommodation

Feel at home

Our Residential Life Co-ordinators (RLC) and Resident Assistant (RA) team are here to help make your stay as enjoyable as possible. We want you to be able to meet your fellow housemates and form supportive friendships.

Your residential experience will be enhanced through a fun interactive program of events/trips, peer/staff support and personal development/life skills in your new home.  Photography will take place at events/trips for marketing purposes but if you are not happy with your image being used please let a member of the team know.

The Residential Life Team are also involved in reactive outreach responses following welfare case updates from student well-being, as well as pro-active longer term outreach work until students identify they no longer need this support contact, as they are settled in their accommodation.

Meet the team

Click each profile for more info:

Team Profile - Michael

My name is Michael, and I am the Residence Student Experience and Support Manager at Queen’s Accommodation.

It is my responsibility to ensure that you feel welcome and part of a supportive, fun and vibrant community, where you can make friends and learn new skills.

I work across all Accommodation sites, so please stop me, say hello and let me know how you are getting on. Moving to University can be quite daunting – the Residential Life Team are here to make that transition smooth and enjoyable.

I hope you have a great time and I look forward to saying hello.

Main Interests: I love all sorts of sports, keeping fit, travelling and listening to podcasts.

Team Profile - Aidan

My name is Aidan, and this is my second year working with the Residential Life Team.

My main roles and responsibilities are to provide student support, advice and guidance while you are living with us at Queen’s Accommodation and transitioning into your new university life. As a team we want your QUB accommodation experience to be as enjoyable and memorable as possible, so if there is anything we can do to enhance this just let me know.

If you see me around please feel free to introduce yourself, I’m always up for a chat! I hope you have the most wonderful time at Queen’s.

Main Interests: Running, music, football and travelling.

Team Profile - Filipa

I’m Filipa and I’m here to help you settle in and support you in this new stage of your life.

Like many of you, I was not “born and bred” in Northern Ireland, I’m originally from a small archipelago located over 1,400 miles from Belfast called The Azores.

I have been in Belfast since 2016 and, despite loving living here, I know how hard it can be to be away from your friends and family whilst adapting to a new culture, especially for the first time in your life. Me and my colleagues from the Residential Life Team will do our absolute best to make sure that during this new chapter in your life you experience new things, meet new people and make memories that will last a lifetime!

If you see me around, don’t hesitate to say “Olá!”

Languages spoken: Spanish, English, French and a little bit of German and Italian.
Main Interests: Travel, Sci-fi and Mystery Tv Shows, General Knowledge Tv Shows, LGBTQ+ Rights, Cats, DIY, Gardening, Gaming (PS4).

Team Profile - Clare

My name is Clare and this is my first year as a Residential Life Coordinator in Queen's Accommodation, although some of you might recognise me from my previous role in Reception.

I love travel and like many of you I have also experienced living away from home, hopefully you make amazing memories and lifelong friends like I did. I also enjoy running and completed Belfast Marathon in 2022.

I am here to make sure you have the best experience possible of university life and have all the support you need so please feel free to stop me anytime for a chat or drop me an email. I look forward to getting to know you all and hope you have a fantastic time at Queen's.

Main Interests: Running, travel, relaxing/walking with my dog.

Team Profile - Simon

My name is Simon, and this will be my first year working as a Residential Life Co-ordinator in Queen’s Accommodation.

Living away from home is something I’ve done a lot, having lived and worked in lots of different countries including Thailand & Japan, so I am all too familiar with that overwhelming feeling you get when you arrive at a new location with your life packed in a bag not knowing what to do. I’ll be here throughout the year to help you settle into Belfast & Queens University, making sure that you have the most amazing and memorable experience. So if you ever have any queries feel free to get in touch with me at any time.

Feel free to bring coffee... I listen better with coffee.

Main Interests: Music, football and travelling.

Team Profile - Jane

Hi I’m Jane. I’ve worked in Queen’s Accommodation for 6 years.

I moved away to uni without knowing anyone, so I appreciate it can be an unnerving time. I love helping students feel at home and always up for a cuppa and a chat to see how you’re getting on.

I love going to the movies, gigs, throwing myself into the sea, good picnics and cooking in general ….so feel free to share some of your favourite recipes!

Main Interests: Movies, music, swimming, being outdoors, cooking

Team Profile - Euan

My name is Euan, and this is my first year working with the Residential Life Team as a Residential Life Coordinator. I previously worked with Queen’s Accommodation as an Allocations Coordinator.

Like many other members of the team, I had the amazing opportunity of moving away to university. I experienced the same feeling of being nervous and excited at the same time, and I am here to help you through this amazing period of your life. I also have recent experience of moving countries, as I am originally from England, so I know what it’s like to have to get your bearings with an entirely new place. Please feel free to contact me with any questions that you have or if you need any assistance.

I look forward to meeting you all, here’s to the year ahead – come and say hi!

Main Interests: Running, music, church, eating chocolate and drinking Coke Zero!

Team Profile - Nicole

My name is Nicole, and I am the Environmental Assistant for Queen’s Accommodation.

I am here to support more sustainable living on campus while hosting and organising taster sessions and fun events focused on sustainability and the climate crisis!

I love to garden and grow my own vegetables and herbs at home, and I can’t wait to engage students in the art of gardening and help connect people with nature in our Elms BT9 allotment and community garden. I’ll be about all accommodation sites so please feel free to say hello or drop me an email for any enquires.

Main Interests: Hiking, climbing, skateboarding, gaming, gardening, and thrifting.

Team Profile - Carrie

I’m Carrie, Marketing and Communications Assistant for the Residential Life Team!

I’m based at Elms BT9 and will be assisting with posting fun, vibrant and helpful content on our digital social platforms. Feel free to stop me and say hello, I’m always up for a chat or to help in any way I can. I'm excited to call my office ‘The Treehouse’ and to be working in a place with such a cool and connected vibe

Main Interests: Yoga, Dancing, Running (not quite Mo Farah) , Exploring (love my steps), Music, Socialising, Volunteering for AWARE NI!

Team Profile - Amy

My name is Amy, and this is my first year working for the residential life team as graduate intern.

I recently graduated from Queen’s University and have lived in Queen’s accommodation for a number of years, so I know the place well and love getting involved in events, especially those involving arts and crafts.

I hope you enjoy your time in accommodation and please feel free to say hello!

Main Interests: Gardening, crafting, climbing.

Hear from our residents

"As an overseas student, I made the decision to live in Queen’s accommodation as I didn't know the city and I felt safer staying at university accommodation. The experience was even better than I imagined. In addition to the great facilities of BT1, such as the gym and the practically new apartments, here at Elms I have made very good friends from all over the world. Also, every day there are different activities to do in the coffee bar, and on weekends there are trips to see new places in Northern Ireland, so you never get bored. I would definitely recommend staying here to anyone thinking of studying in Queens, it really made a difference to my college experience"

Postgraduate student, Uruguay

"The RLC team and the RA's have made the experience of moving to university much easier. They are very friendly and have made my experience away from home very enjoyable. I have enjoyed the events that they put on daily and there is something for everyone available. When going to the Treehouse for a cup of tea there is always someone there to talk to and the weekly drop-in from our RA was always a pleasant experience."

Scott Dillon
Scott Dillon
Undergraduate student

"The Residential life team at Queen’s University is fantastic. During my time at Queen’s, they have provided me with helpful support. I lived in accommodation for 3 years and the residential life team were always happy to help in any way they can, they assisted me with moving and they provided great fun events in the Treehouse in the evenings and were always happy to have a chat. Residential life has also provided me with opportunities as a student as they have allowed me to organise my own craft events on site."

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Amy Logan
3rd Year Accounting Student

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