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Appeals, Complaints and Misconduct

From time to time students may feel dissatisfied with some aspect of the University’s service or may wish to appeal against a decision about their academic performance.  In addition, students’ conduct may give rise to concern by the University.  Therefore, the University has procedures in place to deal with these issues. 

The General Provisions detail the common principles that apply to academic appeals, student conduct, academic offences and student complaints.

Here you will find information about the following procedures: 

Academic Appeals

A request for a review of a decision on student progression, assessments and awards.

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Academic Offences

Any act whereby a student gains or attempts to gain an unfair advantage and includes cheating, plagiarism, duplication, fabrication and collusion.

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Student Conduct

Behaviour/activities which breach University regulations, policies or procedures or which may adversely affect the University, staff, students or the community.

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Student Complaints

An expression of dissatisfaction about the standard of service, action or lack of action by the University.

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