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A Student Guide

This Guide is intended for use by postgraduate research students who wish to appeal a decision of their School Postgraduate Research Committee on student progression, assessment and award.

You should read this Guide in conjunction with the Academic Appeals Regulations (Research Degree Programmes) Where there is any doubt the Regulations take precedence over these guidelines.

You may appeal against decisions relating to the following:

  1. That you cannot progress to the next stage of a phase of research study, i.e. that your current programme of study is terminated or you are transferred to another course of study.
  2. An appeal against a decision not to award the qualification for which you are registered (i.e. a decision made at the end of your research degree).

You may not appeal against the academic judgement of an examining or decision-making body.  Academic judgement relates to the expertise of the examiners within the subject area, and their judgements on whether or not the work that was produced in the thesis was original, at the forefront of the discipline, and was of the standard required for the research programme.  It is a judgement made about a matter where only the opinion of an academic expert will suffice. 

FSRAC Appeal Form                         CSRAC Appeal Form