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Monitoring Procedures

University Coordinators are required to submit an annual monitoring report on articulation arrangements to provide appropriate assurances to the University on the operation of the collaboration, including the ongoing suitability of entry standards and the academic compatibility of the programmes involved. A dedicated reporting template is available and will be issued by Academic Affairs to University Coordinators for completion each year. These should be submitted to the School Education Committee for endorsement and then to Faculty for final approval. Completed reports should be returned to Academic Affairs by the required deadline for consideration by ECQS

With the agreement of the Chair of ECQS, alternative reporting arrangements may be applied to articulations where performance is assessed as part of an integrated Faculty level review of international partnerships. In such cases, a summary report may be submitted by the Faculty to Academic Affairs in place of individual annual monitoring reports.

Feedback on outcomes arising from the annual monitoring process will be provided by a sub-group of ECQS to Schools/Faculties for action and/or dissemination to the collaborative partner, as appropriate.