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Review/Renewal Procedures

Academic Affairs will contact the University Coordinator six months before the expiry of the MOA to seek confirmation from the School and Faculty if the arrangement is to be renewed.  Faculties may adopt their own procedures, in line with their respective internal governance structures, to facilitate decision-making in this regard to ensure continued alignment with strategic aims and available resources.  Academic Affairs must be informed of the outcome of this process. 

Where the arrangement is to continue, the School will be asked to prepare an updated MOA, consulting with the Admissions and Access Service to ensure that the entry qualifications remain current and appropriate.  Immigration Support Service should also be asked to advise on any potential changes to visa requirements. The School should also provide a brief rationale for the continuation of the Agreement and send that, together with the updated MOA, to the Partnerships Team in Academic Affairs

The Partnerships Team will forward to ECQS related documentation for consideration and approval.  Upon approval, Academic Affairs will inform the School and make arrangements to have the new MOA signed by each party.  The review process, actions and outcomes will then be formally held by Academic Affairs and the Register updated as appropriate and ECQS and the relevant Departments will be informed.