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Periodic Review Procedures

Approval of educational collaborative provision is for a specified period, normally five years.  Towards the end of that period (6-9 months) the University is normally required to undertake a formal review of the collaboration in order to make recommendations in respect of the nature and length of any future approval - a Periodic Review.  Where a validated or franchised programme is also subject to validation by a professional body, the review may be carried out conjointly. Periodic reviews are not concerned solely with passing judgement on past activity.  The review process itself is intended to be positive and forward-looking.  Key elements are:

  1. The opportunity for self-assessment by staff involved in delivering the programme as they prepare for review.
  2. The opportunity for relevant staff to consider and establish their future aims, objectives and priorities and to contribute to the planning process in respect of the collaboration.
  3. The opportunity to identify areas which could be improved.

Reviews are not the occasion for the evaluation of the performance of individuals. Matters relating to the personal development of members of staff are the business of the collaborative organisation’s own staff appraisal systems.  However, as part of the review process, the University may seek evidence that arrangements relating to, e.g., continuing professional development and appraisal, are working effectively to ensure and enhance the quality of the student experience.

The review process, which largely mirrors that for validation, is set out below:

Stage 1 - Confirmation of Intention to Continue

Stage 2 - Application of the Review Process

Stage 3 - University Approval

Stage 4 - MOA Signature and Implementation