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Stage 1 - Confirmation of Intention to Continue

Normally, at the outset of the final academic year in which an MOA remains valid, the Partnership Team in Academic Affairs will instigate contact with the relevant University Coordinator to seek confirmation with the School and Faculty if the arrangement is to continue.  The Partnership Team will also contact the collaborative partner to seek confirmation that the arrangement is to continue. Faculties may adopt their own procedures, in line with their respective internal governance structures, to facilitate decision-making in this regard to ensure continued alignment with strategic aims and available resources.  The Secretary of ECQS must be informed of the outcome of this process.

Where an arrangement is to continue, a Periodic Review will be carried out in accordance with the procedure outlined below.  If not, appropriate arrangements for withdrawal will be put in place and coordinated through Academic Affairs in association with the School/Faculty.

In making a decision to continue, FEB should seek to review and update original business plans, with approval from Finance, for the proposed period of renewal.  The updated business plan should either be presented as part of the paperwork considered by ECQS or confirmation provided that this has been agreed with Finance.