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University Assessment Policy

The University’s assessment policy has 10 principles.

University Assessment Policy Principles

1 Assessment practice should promote effective learning

2 The amount and timing of assessment enables effective and appropriate evaluation of students’ achievement of intended learning outcomes

3 Appropriate and timely feedback is provided to students on assessed work in a way that promotes learning and facilitates improvement

4 Students should be fully aware of what constitutes academic misconduct and the consequences associated with it

5 Everyone involved in assessment of students must be competent to undertake their roles and responsibilities

6 The principles and procedures for, and processes of, assessment should be explicit, valid and reliable

7 Assessment should be conducted with rigour, probity and fairness and with due regard to security

8 The procedures for marking and for moderating marks must be transparent and fair

9 The criteria for progressing from one stage of a programme to another and for qualifying for an award must be transparent

10 Assessment decisions must be documented accurately and systematically and decisions of relevant assessment panels and examination boards are to be communicated as quickly as possible