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Principle 3

Appropriate and timely feedback is provided to students on assessed work in a way that promotes learning and facilitates improvements. 

The University's Assessment Policy states that:

1.     Each School must have a written statement of its policy on the provision and timing of feedback to students.

2.     Feedback must be provided to students as soon as possible after the student has completed the assessment task in order to maximise its benefit. Given the direct relationship between feedback and assessment, the assessment strategies for a module should be developed to maximise opportunities for feedback.  Feedback should therefore be provided sufficiently early in a module to enable the student to take action to improve their learning for the rest of the module.  This is particularly crucial in first year.  [Good practice 3] [Good practice 4]

3.     Feedback must be linked to the stated assessment criteria; highlight strengths as well as weaknesses; be written in clear and accessible language; focus on what the student needs to do to improve their work; and prioritise areas for improvement. [Good practice 1] [Good practice 4] [Good practice 7] [Good practice 9]

4.     Schools must facilitate students who wish to discuss their work with a nominated member of staff. [Good practice 6]