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Principle 1

The University's Assessment Policy states that:

1.     Every module must have stated intended learning outcomes which take into account requirements for attaining the relevant academic standards for progression and which are directly related to the assessment of the module (constructive alignment).

2.     Every module must provide opportunities for all intended learning outcomes to be assessed.

3.     Each assignment must have assessment criteria which take into account requirements for attaining academic standards for progression.  Students should be made aware of the assessment criteria which should be couched in language which is clear and understandable to the students. [Good practice 1]

4.     Assessment must be designed to facilitate the full range of student achievement and accommodate the diverse needs of students. [Good practice 8]

5.     Schools must use a range of appropriate formative and summative assessment methods to enable the full range of student achievement to be assessed.      [Good practice 5] [Good practice 7]

6.     Schools must ensure that students are provided with opportunities to familiarise themselves with the format of the assessment approaches employed. 

7.     Where appropriate, assessment must be designed to assure the practitioner’s fitness to practise and to safeguard the public.