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Creating a Master Class

‌‌Where you have a large class and you wish to share the marking amongst a team of markers, it can be useful to set up a Master Class. A Master Class allows the cohort to be divided into groups called sections, each of which have a tutor or marker associated with them.   The diagram below shows the structure of a Master Class:


Diagram of Master Class Structure

One assignment is created and "pushed" down to the sections. The students can be pre-enrolled in their sections or may be sent their section ID and password to enrol themselves.

 MasterClass Workflow

 GM Masterclass workflow

Example: Tutorial Group leaders each mark the essays for the students in their group

The workflow above shows the steps of the process for setting up tutorial groups and associating tutors and students to those groups. The tutors can then use Grademark to mark and provide feedback to their own students, and the Module Convenor/Co-ordinator can view the marking/comments for the whole class.