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Developing Digital Identity and Wellbeing

To develop your digital skills please take the opportunity to explore the range of Digital Identity and Wellbeing resources below.

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Digital Identity
Resources on Digital Identity

Now you're familiar with the topic, these resources will help you to enhance your digital identity in your own life.

  • My Digital Identity: Making a good impression online from the Open University. A presentation on how to create a positive digital identity.
  • Digital Identity Stories - The University of Reading has collected testimonies from their students about their digital identities – everything from problems they’ve faced to how online identity has helped them. Read these to understand the situation more and think about your own digital identity story.
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Digital Wellbeing
Resources on Digital Wellbeing

It's important to look after our Digital Wellbeing and this will be different for everyone. Read these resources to hear from other students on the topic of Digital Wellbeing.

  • How to protect your mental health online from The Mix. This article contains advice specifically on looking after your mental health online but the website itself provides essential support on a range of issues for the under 25s.
  • Student Minds Blog – The charity StudentMinds have a blog that contains entries written by students for students. You can read blogs on a range of topics, including social media.
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Online Courses
Learn more from these free online courses

You can take online courses to learn more about the subjects we’ve introduced. These contain practical advice but will help you gain a deeper theoretical understanding of Digital Identity and Wellbeing.

All of the above courses are free to sign up to.

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Watch these videos to hear more on this capability

If you've had enough of reading, these videos will help you delve into Digital Identity and Wellbeing further.

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For Research Students
The following resources will be particularly useful for research students

It's important to utilize your Digital Identity and look after your Digital Wellbeing when undertaking and promoting your research. These resources can help you do that.

  • The Researcher Online: Building your online identity from Cambridge University. This includes resources to help you explore the ways in which researchers use digital and social media to enhance their professional practice.
  • Digital Wellbeing – How to Have a Healthy Digital Diet from The Wellbeing Thesis. This advice on Digital Wellbeing comes from an online resource specifically for supporting Postgraduate Research students. It has been developed by University of Derby, King’s College London and Student Minds in co-creation with panels of PGR students so you can explore it for more support on wellbeing, research and learning.