About the Hub

This video explains how to use the Digital Literacies Hub

This video explains how to use the Digital Literacies Hub.

It is important to consider various aspects of digital capabilities, to recognise strengths in areas and room for improvement in others.

The Digital Literacies Hub developed at Queen’s allows staff to audit their digital skills and explore new areas for development within six different areas of digital capability.

This rich set of resources will help staff to unlock their digital skills and support them to work in an ever-changing and sometimes demanding digital environment.

In the hub you can audit your digital skills and discover the potential of different digital capabilities. You can also browse sets of curated resources and find training opportunities that will allow you to enhance your digital skills.

Audit your digital capabilities

The Jisc Discovery Tool

Use the tool to discover your own digital capabilities.

Through completion you will get a personal visualisation report on your digital capabilities where you can discover your digital strengths and explore new areas for digital skills development. You can find resources within the tool or browse what we have developed and collated on each capability below.

Access the Jisc Discovery Tool here
Screenshot of login screen for Digital Discovery Tool.

Discover and Enhance your digital skills

Get inspired by browsing a range of resources on one of our digital capability themes below.

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Functional Skills

ICT proficiency

Tablet with charts

Critical Use

Information, data and media literacies

Student using social media apps on phone


Digital Identity and Wellbeing

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Digital communication, collaboration and participation

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Learn and Develop

Digital learning and development

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Creative production

Digital creation, problem solving and innovation



Find the latest updates on the various capabilities here.