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Data Sharing Agreement

What is a Data Sharing Agreement (DSA)?

A Data Sharing Agreement sets out the framework for the sharing of personal data. It documents the data being shared and the purpose for the sharing, providing the data controller and data processor with clear principles and procedures that both parties must adhere to.

A Data Sharing Agreement is mandatory for sharing University data to a third party, and you may need to contact the Information Compliance Unit to ensure that data transfers are compliant with data protection requirements and University guidelines. 

For any data transfers involving the sharing, processing or storage of Qsis data specifically, both internally within the University and/or externally with a third party, you must contact Qsis Governance directly for further advice.

If your department is transferring Qsis data to an external body or third party, then a DSA will be required. If you are sharing data internally within the University, a formal DSA may not be required but please contact us directly.

For further advice on finding a Data Sharing Agreement template, we recommend you contact Qsis Governance directly.

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