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Explosive Precursor Chemicals

Information and Guidance
Explosive Precursor Chemicals

Following a review, new regulations on the Marketing and Use of Explosive Precursors came into effect in 2014. These regulations require the licensing and control of 15 chemicals which are divided into three tiers: • Tier 1 – Chemicals which fall under the current Northern Ireland controlled substance licensing regime • Tier 2 – chemicals which are subject to licensing above the specified concentration for any member of the general public who wish to buy it for private usage • Tier 3 – chemicals which are subject to suspicious transaction reporting only.


University Schools / Centres are required to hold a licence for the acquisition, transfer, storage, handling and disposal of Tier 1 Explosive Precursors.

Prior to purchasing a Tier 1 Explosive Precursor, a valid licence issued by the Northern Ireland Office / Police Service of Northern Ireland, must be in place.

An 'Application for licence to use, etc, controlled explosive precursors' issued by the Police Service of Northern Ireland must be completed by each School / Centre if they wish to order > 500g of a Tier 1 Explosive Precursor.

Explosive Precursor Chemicals Guidance  (Appendix 3)

List of Explosive Precursor Chemicals

Application for licence to use, etc, controlled explosive precursors


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