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Specialist Training

Specialist Training

The University Safety Service is also committed to the provision of additional training by arrangement to meet the special needs of individual staff members and/or Departments. Please contact University Safety Service to arrange specialist training.

Additional training for specialist roles may include:

  • Laser Safety: This course is designed for new and existing research students and staff who are required to work with lasers in the course of their work and provides refresher training for existing Departmental Laser Safety Supervisors. This course aims primarily to provide awareness of the risks associated with laser systems and processes involving laser systems and to provide advice on the assessment and control of those risks. It will cover laser systems, classification of lasers, risk assessment of laser systems, eye and skin protection, and choice of laser safety eye-wear.
  • Radiation Protection: This is designed for new and existing research students and staff who are required to work with ionising radiation in the course of their work and provides refresher training for existing Radiation Protection Supervisors. The aim of the course is to outline the requirements of the Radioactive Substances Act 1993 and the ionising Radiation Regulations (NI) 2000, and to provide practical knowledge to enable delegates to handle ionising radiation safely. The course will cover ionising and non-ionising radiation, natural and man-made radiation, control strategies, emergency procedures, record keeping, environmental protection, and legal framework for the control of ionizing radiation and radioactive substances.
  • Strategic Health and Safety Risk Management: This course is catered for health and safety coordinators and senior management involved in managing health and safety. The aim of the course is to enable management to develop strategic health and safety risk registers and risk management plans for the management of health and safety within Schools and Directorates. The course covers Strategic Risk Assessment, Health and Safety Risk Registers, Risk Management Plans, Assessment of Risk Control and Review of Risk Management.
  • Control of Noise and Vibration: The course is aimed at staff who may be exposed to noise and vibration in the course of their work with the aim of raising awareness of the risks to health associated with exposure to elevated levels of noise and vibration. The course will explore control of Noise at Work (NI) Regs 2006, control of Vibration at Work (NI) Regs 2005, risk assessment and measurements, action and limit values, control measures, personal protective equipment and ear protection.
  • Safe Use of Machinery (PUWER): Designed for Managers, Supervisors and Technical Staff in a supervisory role with the aim to provide management with an understanding of the machinery related legislation including the Provision and Use of Work Equipment Regulations (PUWER) and how they relate to the equipment that is used in the University. The course will cover an introduction to PUWER and the law on work equipment, suitability of work equipment, and maintenance and inspection of work equipment, protection against specified hazards, mobile work equipment.
  • Safety in Fieldwork: This course is designed for staff who have responsibility for organising and managing field work and field trips, and aims to outline the requirements of the Universities sector guidance and to enable Schools to develop risk assessments and health and safety management systems for field work and field trips. Course covers management planning and preparation, field work risk assessment, emergency planning and procedures, assessment and review.
  • Accident Investigation
  • Work at Height
  • Biological Safety & Genetic Modification

Additional and specialist safety training can also be provided by arrangement with external organisations. Courses offered include:

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