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Fellowship Academy

Fellowship Academy


Queen’s Fellowship Academy: Year One, Overview of 2020

This January sees the one year anniversary of the launch of the Queen’s Fellowship Academy on 13 January 2020. Queen’s University Belfast is committed to recruiting, developing and supporting outstanding early career researchers; the Queen’s Fellowship Academy was therefore established to offer a comprehensive range of developmental opportunities to support these future research leaders and influencers with their professional, academic and personal development and progression.

For further information on the first year of the Fellowship Academy, and plans for 2021, please see the Fellowship Academy: Year One, Overview of 2020.

Queen's Fellowship Academy

The Queen’s Fellowship Academy provides professional and career development support for Research Fellows recruited through the Illuminate Scheme, other internal Fellowship Schemes (MHLS Vice-Chancellor/Patrick G. Johnston Fellowships) and other staff holding specified externally funded Fellowships. Staff in these posts will automatically become members of the Fellowship Academy. The Academy supports members in their development and progression. Members of the Academy will be supported through individual guidance from their Schools, leading academics and Professional Services. Networking, mentorship and tailored development will be offered.

Queen’s is committed to supporting and developing Fellowship Academy members to become research leaders of the future. Support will be provided across three main themes:

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