Legal Services and Employee Relations

Legal Services at Queen’s has responsibility for looking after case management legal advice as well as oversight of the university’s safeguarding arrangements for children and adults at risk.

Advice and guidance on contracts, terms and conditions, data sharing agreements, non-disclosure agreement and policies and procedures is available in this section. Please Note: Legal Services does not provide personal legal advice to members of staff or students.

  • Key Contacts

    Derek Weir, Head of Legal Administration

    Nichola McKay, Legal Services Assistant

    Olivia Mulryne, Clerical Officer (part-time)

  • Safeguarding children and vulnerable adults

    Safeguarding Children and Vulnerable Adults Policy

    The University has arrangements in place to safeguard children and vulnerable adults. These arrangements are overseen by the Child Protection Review Group (CPRG). An updated Safeguarding Children and Vulnerable Adults Policy was approved by the CPRG in 2015 and was circulated on 23 September 2015. Each Faculty, School and Directorate is required to comply with the relevant safeguarding measures set out in the policy and accompanying guidance. Staff, students, workers and all others engaging in activity with children or vulnerable adults, for or on behalf of the University, fall within scope of the policy. The policy sets out the University’s arrangements in relation to:

    • the requirement for declarations and disclosures
    • processing criminal history checks and complying with AccessNI's Code of Practice
    • additional compliance and safeguarding measures e.g. the Code of Conduct and Good Practice, Safeguarding Risk Assessments etc.
    • dealing with allegations of abuse, relevant conduct and harm
    • referrals to the Disclosure and Barring Service

    Faculty, School and Directorate Safeguarding Responsibilities

    • a 'Responsible Person' must be nominated to ensure relevant safeguarding measures are put in place and the policy is complied with
    • appropriate counter signatories must be registered with AccessNI
    • all questions and concerns regarding policy compliance and identifying regulated activity must be raised with the Legal Services Unit
    • all allegations of abuse, relevant conduct and harm to be raised as set out within the policy

    The Legal Services Unit monitors legislative developments and recommends policy revisions to the CPRG. The Unit also delivers policy briefing sessions and other training, provides advice and guidance, communicates updates/changes to relevant staff and conducts compliance audits.

    Please contact the Legal Services Unit ( or x5002) if you require any assistance with implementing the policy or have any other questions or concerns regarding the University's safeguarding arrangements.

  • Other useful links


    A number of other University Departments provide advice on particular legal topics and should be contacted in the first instance:


    The following organisations are useful additional sources of information in relation to staff/student cases and legislative updates:

    1. Students - Office of the Independent Adjudicator for Higher Education
    2. News and Educational Resources for College Professionals and Teachers - Times Higher Education Supplement