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People First


"We will create an environment where all employees are enabled to take responsibility for improving their own development"

When our People and Culture Strategy, People First, launched in March 2018, we made a commitment to put our people at the centre of everything we do at Queen’s. Our last Staff Survey revealed that only half of you felt that there were opportunities for personal development and growth at the University.

To address this, we have refreshed Learning and Development at Queen's to ensure that all of our people have the chance to build their capability through relevant and meaningful learning opportunities. We will empower staff to take responsibility for their own development while ensuring their effectiveness in their current role and readiness for future progression.

Our new offer recognises that development comes in lots of different forms. We've refreshed our face-to-face training, favouring shorter half-day sessions. We have introduced new online resources and tools which meet the demand from staff for greater control over their learning and flexibility around how and when they access it, and are emphasising the benefit of continuous learning.