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As part of the commitments set out in our People and Culture Strategy, People First, we are dedicated to putting our people at the centre of everything we do at Queen’s.

In order to achieve this, it is important that we ensure all of our leaders – irrespective of the level of leadership they operate at – are informed and equipped to lead with confidence.

Our last Staff Survey identified a need to provide better support to all those with leadership responsibilities at Queen's to enable them to fulfil their role effectively. In response to this feedback, a new Leadership and Management Framework has been created through consultation with a representative group of leaders.  

The Framework is a self-assessment tool that clearly describes the behaviours and responsibilities required to lead and manage at Queen’s under five key areas of leadership activity: Vision Leadership, Collaborative Leadership, Self-Leadership, Providing Direction and Managing. It will support you to reflect on your current leadership practice and enable you to discuss your future development as a leader with your manager in an informed and structured way.

All of the leadership and management development programmes offered at Queen’s will be underpinned by the new Framework, providing a cohesive approach and allowing you to clearly identify relevant development opportunities within each key area of leadership.

Over the coming weeks, a number of coffee and cake sessions will be held across the University to provide an interactive introduction to the Framework. Further details are available here on the People and Culture webpages.