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The new tiered recognition scheme was introduced in September 2018 replacing the Discretionary Awards scheme to give managers more opportunity to recognise staff.

The aim of the STAR Scheme is to ensure our people are recognised for their exceptional performance and contribution annually, as well as on a real-time basis during the year.

The three pillars of People First, our People and Culture Strategy – Employee Experience, Culture and Talent – will provide an attractive work experience for our people, and develop them to their full potential in a culture which they enjoy.  A key People First Promise is to become known as a listening organisation.  I am delighted therefore to be able to demonstrate this approach through the introduction of this Recognition Scheme, in response to your feedback. 

The STAR Scheme comprises of:

  • A Performance Award, which is available to managers to recognise staff who are demonstrating a sustained exceptional level of performance and contribution in their role. The Performance Award process takes place annually, following the end of the performance year, 1 August – 31 July, with nominations during August and September; and,
  • Recognition Awards, which are available to managers to recognise staff for instances of exceptional performance and contribution. This process will run throughout the year to allow managers to recognise success in real-time, through an online voucher portal. The vouchers offered will be in denominations of £10, £25 and £50. The Recognition portal will go live in September.

Further information on the STAR Scheme is available here (insert link to the Reward and Recognition section in the Pay, Rewards and Benefits section).