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Subject Floor Guide

The McClay Library uses the Library of Congress classification system to organize its books.  This system uses letters to indicate the broad subject area and then numbers for more specific topics.  

On each floor of the McClay Library (beside the floor plan) you’ll find a list of the subjects covered on that floor and their letter codes.  Please ask at the enquiry desk if you need help finding books.

Copies of books which appear on reading lists may also be found in the Short Loan collection on the Ground Floor. 

The books in Short Loan follow the same lettering system as those in the rest of the library.

Please note Medical and Nursing books are mostly held in the Biomedical and Medical libraries.

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McClay Floor 1:

Anthropology GN
Archaeology CC
Criminology HV 
Economics HB-HD
Finance and Accounting HG-HJ

Geography G-GT
History (Americas) E-F
History (British & Irish) DA
Management HD-HF
Philosophy B-BJ
Planning HT
Psychology BF
Social Work HV
Sociology and Social Policy HM-HQ   

McClay Floor 2:

American Literature PS
Architecture NA
Celtic Languages and Literatures PB
Classics PA
Drama PN1600-PN3307
Education L
English Language PE
English Literature PR
French Literature PQ1-PQ3999
Linguistics P

Law K
Music M
Politics J 
Portuguese Literature PQ9000-PQ9999   
Spanish Literature PQ6001-PQ8929

McClay Floor 3:

Aerospace Engineering TL
Astronomy and Astrophysics QB
Biological Sciences QH-QR
Chemical Engineering QDP
Chemistry QD
Civil Engineering TA
Computer Science QA76
Electrical Engineering TK
Geology QE
Manufacturing TS
Mathematics QA
Mechanical Engineering TJ
Palaeoecology QE
Physics QC