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Open Research Group

Open Research Roadmap
"As open as possible and as closed as necessary"

The Open Research Roadmap emerged from a self-assessment undertaken by the Open Research Group on QUB's readiness for Open Research, based on the 37 criteria set out in the LERU Open Science Roadmap

Open Research Roadmap
  • Open Research Group: Membership
    Composition   Current Members
    Chair University Librarian and Assistant Director, Information Services Mrs J O'Neill
      Head of Open Research Mr Dan Holden
      Head of Research Governance, Ethics, and Integrity Ms L Dunlop
      Head of Special Collections and Archives Mrs D Wildy
      Information Compliance Manager Ms S McDonald
      Research Information and Insights Manager Ms K Storey
      Senior Research Strategy and Policy Manager Mr C Browne
      School of History, Anthropology, Philosophy and Politics Dr K Breen
      School of Maths and Physics Professor M Gregg
      School of Medicine, Dentistry and Biomedical Sciences Professor AJ McKnight
      School of Psychology Dr J Dessing
      Senior Systems Analyst Dr V Purnell
      School of Arts, English and Languages Professor M McCusker
    In attendance
    • Research Information Assistant, Mr P Hamill
    • Open Research Librarian, Ms R Clarke
    • Open Research Librarian, Mr S Gorman
    • Research Data Librarian, Dr M O'Connor
    • Research Data Librarian, Dr K Stevenson

    Relevant University Officers as required

    Serviced by Open Research Office (Library Services)  
    Reports to:

    Research and Innovation Committee

    Education Committee (Quality and Standards) as required

    Receives reports from: University Committee and Working Groups as required  


  • Open Research Group: Remit

    The Open Research Group is responsible for: 

    1. Oversight of the implementation of the University’s policies relating to Open Research, including Open Access, Research Data Management, E-theses, Digital Preservation and Digital Scholarship. 
    2. Advising and, where appropriate, making recommendations to the Research and Innovation Committee or other University bodies on strategic and policy issues; ensuring compliance with external mandates; overview of best practice. 
    3. Reviewing and proposing changes to existing University policies, when required, to facilitate open research practices at the University.
    4. Promoting open research as part of the University’s Research Culture Action Plan to ensure the transparency, reproducibility, and open availability of scholarly knowledge. 
    5. Providing advice and guidance on forthcoming reporting or statutory obligations and ensuring that relevant requirements are met. 
    6. Supporting the training and advocacy programmes planned and delivered by Information Services and Research and Enterprise. 
    7. Advising on management of the UKRI Block Grant and other OA funding.  
    8. Reviewing developing requirements around the CRIS and institutional repository and advocating for development of Pure to meet those requirements.