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Resolving Problems

DRM Lite - Resolving Problems



Receiving Documents


Unsure about how document is delivered.

You will receive an email from Sender: with an active link to a document download page. Click on this link and follow the instructions to download your document.
Access from the download link in the British Library email will cease after 30 days after which the document will no longer be accessible

Saving Documents


Don’t know how to save document.

The document is not automatically saved.  To save, use the pop up box that appears at the bottom of the screen when you click the Download link.  Choose the save as option to save your document to your device or memory stick.  If you save the document you will have access to it for 3 years from the date of supply.

Document Download


Unable to open document.

Internet access and Adobe Reader X or above are required - documents will not open with any other PDF viewer.

Adobe Reader X or above is installed on all university open access computers.

It is freely available to download to your own computer or device from a link on the British Library document download page.

Adobe Reader opens but document doesn’t display – getting a blank page.



If your browser has an in-built pdf viewer, e.g. Google Chrome, it will need to be disabled.

For Google Chrome: go to Settings > Advanced Settings > Content Settings > PDF Documents and turn on the option to 'Download PDF files instead of automatically opening them in Chrome'

Alternatively use Internet Explorer or Mozilla Firefox.

In some browsers you may be asked choose Adobe Reader from the open with options before opening your document.

Using an iPad

If you are downloading your document on an iPad, use Apple’s default Safari browser.

The email link does not work.

At the foot of the email is a URL. Try copying and pasting this  into the Address line of your web browser. This will bypass the email client.

Error message below displayed in browser window:

Diagnose Connection Problems.

Please click the refresh button in the browser window.

Text below displayed in browser

Error: Unfortunately there has been a problem with the delivery of your document. Please contact customer services on +44 (0)1937 546060 for assistance.

The document has expired and will need to be resent: Please contact The McClay Library 028 9097 6135 rather than contacting the number opposite.

Text below displayed in browser

There was an error opening this document. The file cannot be found.

This can most likely be solved by allowing access to the required sites and ports

Document Printing


Message box with text below:

Print Permission Denied. You have used all your permitted prints of this document.

Permitted prints have been used and the document will need to be supplied again by British Library: Please contact The McClay Library 028 9097 6135 You may print and retain one copy of your document.

Printing slow

Printing large documents can be relatively slow and large images (greater than 50MB) can cause sluggish behaviour in the application. Also publications from the BL electronic publications store with images originally in colour can be slow to download and print.

Old Documents - FileOpen


Need to view document previously downloaded  using the FileOpen plug-in

You will need to maintain FileOpen on the machine where previous documents were downloaded if you wish to continue to access them for the remainder of their 3-year limit. Please click  for the FileOpen Problem Solving Guide.