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Information and Fees

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Information and fees
fees for Childcare at Queen's

The fees for staff and students vary. Financial support is available. Please use the links below for more information. In addition, please ensure you have read carefully through our Payment Policy. If you require further fee information, please use the details on the 'Contact Us' page.

Opening Hours

Full-day care: Open Monday to Friday, 8.15am to 5.45pm
Out of Schools: Open Monday to Friday (September to June) 1.45pm to 5.45pm


Childcare Fees 2023-24 Academic Year (effective from 1 September 2023)


Fee Category


(5 days per week


(2 to 4 days per week)

Staff [1]/ Public £60 £63
Student [2] £25 £28
Out of Schools £29 £29


Fees per Semester (Childcare Grant recipients only)[3]

  Semester 1 Semester 2 Semester 3 Full Year
5 days per week £2,450.00 £2,275.00 £1,225.00 £5,950.00
4 days per week £2,205.00 £2,047.50 £1,102.50 £5,355.00
3 days per week £1,715.00 £1,592.50 £857.50 £4,165.00
2 days per week £1,225.00 £1,137.50 £612.50 £2,975.00

Please note that where either parent is a staff member of Queen's University, then Staff fees will apply.


[1] The University operates a salary sacrifice scheme for staff for the payment of childcare fees which offers significant savings on this rate.  Please see the section on Childcare + below for details of the scheme.

[2] This rate is applicable to Queen's University Belfast registered students only. All students not registered with Queen's University Belfast (Stranmillis University College, St Mary's College, Ulster University or others, please contact us directly to enquire about the fees applicable.

[3] These are the fees applicable for a single child. Please contact Childcare Services for details of the fees applicable for more than one sibling.

Fee Information:

· Fees are reviewed annually, and parents will receive 1 month’s notice of any changes.

· All fees are spread over the allocated period and invoiced as fixed monthly amounts in advance, with the exception of students in receipt of a Childcare Grant who are invoiced at the start of each semester.

· Staff and external: places are allocated for 12 months, with fees payable for 52 weeks, including all closure days. 

· Student: places are allocated for 10 months, invoiced from September to June, with fees payable for 44 weeks.

· Childcare Grant: places are allocated for 34 weeks (Semester 1: 18th September to 22nd December, Semester 2: 3rd January to 27th March, Semester 3: 8th April to 31st May) attendance outside of these dates may be booked as additional sessions and will be charged at the daily student rate.

· Out of Schools: places are allocated for 10 months, invoiced from September to June, with fees payable over 44 weeks, regardless of attendance during holiday periods. Afternoon attendance (regular attendance pattern) during the school term-time holiday period is included within the standard monthly fee.

· A minimum attendance of two days per week is required. Those attending on a part-time basis can book additional sessions on an ad-hoc basis, subject to availability. These will be invoiced in addition to the standard monthly fees.

· Parents using Out of Schools places can book additional morning sessions on exceptional closure days if available. These will be invoiced in addition to the standard monthly fees.

· A deposit of £300 is payable per child upon acceptance of a place. The deposit will not be refunded if you don’t take up your place.

· For returning student parents, a retainer of £150 per child is required, payable in June, to secure your child’s place for the next academic year. This will be offset against your first month’s fees but will not be refunded if you don’t take up your place.

· No reduction will be given for days when your child does not attend.

· Sibling discount: a sibling discount of 10% will be applied to second and subsequent children where all children attend 5 days per week. A 5% discount will be applied to second and subsequent children where any of the children attend on a part-time basis.

· Late fee: If you are late collecting your child, you will be charged a fee of £10 for every 15 minutes or part thereof used after close time. This fee will be added to your monthly bill and will be clearly identified on your invoice.


Childcare Support for Students and Staff

As a student, you may be entitled to a Childcare Grant to help you with Childcare fees from your local Education and Library Board. In addition, Queen’s University has a hardship fund that provides students with discretionary financial help. Contact the Advice SU for more information.

Childcare +

In 2005, the University implemented a Salary Sacrifice Scheme. As a member of staff at Queen’s, you are eligible to join this scheme. Information on the scheme can be accessed by clicking here.

Tax-Free Childcare was introduced to replace the Childcare Vouchers Scheme, which closed to new applicants in October 2018. Parents are given a 'top-up' payment of £2 for every £8 that is saved to pay for childcare up to a maximum of £2000 per child per year. The Tax-Free Childcare Scheme is government-run. Further information can be found on the Tax Free Childcare scheme website. 

Please note that parents/carers are unable to use Tax-Free Childcare in conjunction with the Salary Sacrifice Scheme to pay for a Queen's University Childcare place.

At present, many parents find they make greater savings using the Salary Sacrifice Scheme. Your personal circumstances will determine which payment method is the most beneficial for you and your family.

Please note that we also continue to accept childcare vouchers for those who joined the scheme before it was withdrawn on 4 October 2018.

Payment Policy

Methods of Payment

Fees must be paid on the first Friday of each month. Failure to do so may jeopardise your childcare place. Weeks outside semester are calculated on a weekly rate and must be paid monthly in advance. Payment will be accepted via card, in person or online via our Payment Portal, childcare vouchers, tax-free childcare and salary sacrifice (staff only). 

Parents are encouraged to register for our online Payment Portal via 

Return of Deposits

Your deposit will be returned at the end of your first contracted year of attendance.

Notification for leaving

If it is your intention to relinquish your place at Childcare Services during the academic year, you are required to give one month’s notice in writing. Failure to do so will result in you being liable for one full month’s fees.


To apply for Day Care services and Out of School (OOS) please go to our apply page HERE.