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Creation of the 2012-13 Timetable

Creation of the 2012-13 Academic Timetable

The results of the Phase 2 modelling exercise illustrate real potential to make better use of the Estate, including the creation of additional group study spaces, if a more even spread of activities across teaching rooms can be achieved through central management.

Based on the methods used to model the timetable according to effective School zones, the procedures for creating the actual 2012-13 Academic Timetable will be amended to ensure that Schools are given priority for rooms in their green zone. To ensure that this new timetabling method is as effective as possible, a designated set of teaching rooms, previously under School management, will be moved to central management from September 2012. A list of the rooms moving to central management can be seen here.

Schools will be given priority for rooms in their green zone and in many cases, will still be given priority over rooms previously under their management, with other Schools’ classes only using spaces which remain available. With better distribution of teaching activities across the 5 day week, it is realistic that a School could remain the sole user of a room previously managed by them.

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