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When you use someone else’s ideas in your own work, you must ensure that these ideas are properly referenced. Failure to do so may lead to plagiarism. Each School within the University uses a specific referencing system, so it is best to check your module handbook to find out which system to use.

Below you will find information on understanding plagiarism, useful resources on referencing systems and Cite2Write. Please choose from the following categories:

Understanding Plagiarism Cite2Write Library Resources

Understanding Plagiarism

Plagiarism is an academic offence which is taken very seriously at university. Poor referencing may lead to plagiarism and academic penalties. It is important to know which referencing system your School uses, so that you can familiarise yourself with it and practise using it.

Download Resources

Plagiarism Video

Academic Offences: A Student's Guide

Reference Generator: “Cite2Write”

LDS has created a resource to help you understand how to reference properly. This website provides short videos explaining the referencing conventions for that particular referencing style and some PDF offline resources. Click the link below to explore Cite2Write:


Library Resources

The Library at Queen’s has created some useful guides for referencing, as well as an introduction to some reference management systems such as EndNote and Mendeley. Have a look at it using the link below: