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A one-to-one appointment is a dedicated session to tailor learning development strategies for undergraduate students only.  It is not designed to replace the resources provided on our website or to evaluate specific assignments.  While we can look at work due for submission, our focus is on developing you as a learner, writer, and student - not on the assignment.  One-to-one appointments take place in the Student Guidance Centre and last for up to one hour. You will meet with one of our team to discuss your learning and to develop a plan of action.

Our office hours are from 9am to 5pm, Monday - Friday.

Each student can book up to five appointments with the Learning Development Service per year.

*Note: This is NOT a proofreading or editing service.

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Contact Form
You may also book a one-to-one via telephone. Please call us on 028 9097 3618.
Should you have a quick query, please click on the message icon at the bottom right of this page. Please include your Queen's email when submitting a query and we shall reply to you as soon as possible.