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Effective Communication Skills

Future-Ready Skills Bitesize Online Workshop

female student shouting through a loudspeaker
November 21, 2023
Online event via Microsoft Teams
12:30 - 13:30

This online session is part of our Future-Ready Skills Bitesize Series

After attending these online sessions, you will be able to relate your experience to these skills and talk about them at interview. 

Communication skills is at the heart of almost everything that we do in our work, whatever that work is.  It is a vital skill that we should all be trying to improve on continuously.  Often when things go wrong it is because of an aspect of communication.  So, with something so important, how can we demonstrate to an employer that we have the skills to communicate and the evidence to back it up. 

This online session will look at the components of communication, barriers to good communication, communication styles and what we can do to keep improving.

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