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Social media house rules

The Queen’s University Belfast social media accounts have been created for you, so that you can discover more about the teaching, research, innovations and outreach that the University is involved in.

We would love you to explore more, join the conversations and connect with the community, by sharing your thoughts and ideas.

Our social media accounts are a playground for the imagination, for anyone to enjoy. We want everyone to feel comfortable, so we’ve created House Rules to make sure everyone plays fair.

Please be respectful of the entire community by complying with the terms and policies of the social media sites, as well as these House Rules and the terms and conditions of the Queen’s University Belfast website.

To ensure that everyone on our pages may enjoy a positive experience, we ask that you do not post any content or comments (including photos, files, links or videos) which fall into any of the categories identified below:

  1. Threatening, harassing, abusive, violent, cyber bullying, inciting violence or otherwise inflammatory to others (including other social media users).
  2. Encouraging or may encourage conduct that would be considered a criminal offence.
  3. Discriminatory, racist, sexually explicit, vulgar, or offensive to others (including other social media users).
  4. Unlawful.
  5. Promotional information, including links to third parties or their products or services.
  6. Political or religious activism.
  7. Infringes or may infringe third party intellectual property, privacy, or publicity rights.
  8. Defamatory.
  9. False, fraudulent, or misleading.
  10. Spam, corrupt, contains viruses.
  11. Off-topic or unrelated to Queen’s University Belfast.

Please understand that anything which appears to fall into any of the above categories, or which we believe are otherwise not in accordance with the terms and policies of the social media site concerned and/or which we deem inappropriate for our social media communities, may be hidden from the view of other users or deleted. This can occur without prior notification and may result in you being reported to the social media site and/or banned from accessing our social media pages in the future. If the content raises legal concerns, you may be reported to the appropriate authorities.

Queen’s University Belfast does not necessarily endorse any remarks, opinions, comments, suggestions and other information expressed or included in user comments and posts on our social media pages. We are also not responsible for the accuracy of any content posted by our fans or followers.

We want you to enjoy being part of our community, so if you spot any content or comments posted on our social media pages which you believe is not in accordance with either these House Rules, the terms and policies of the social media site concerned or the terms and conditions of the Queen’s University Belfast website (including user content which infringes or may infringe third party intellectual property rights) then please report it to us. We agree to make good faith efforts to investigate any such reports and shall take such action as we decide is appropriate in the circumstances.

Inappropriate behaviour by Queen's students or staff will be investigated under the relevant university procedure(s). For example, Conduct Regulations or Queen’s disciplinary procedures.

Behaviour that may be criminal in nature will be reported to the appropriate statutory bodies.

We are so pleased to have you in our social media community and we will do our best to inspire you every day.

We are constantly inspired by our community. So, please be aware that Queen’s University Belfast reserves the right to use, copy, distribute and disclose without compensation to you any content, comments or quotes that you post on our social media pages. This includes any ideas or information relating to Queen’s University Belfast. 

Queen’s may change the House Rules (in whole or part) at any time and without prior notification.

If you would like to make any suggestion, please send us a private message. We are all about sharing great ideas. 


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