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All-Island Innovation Programme

The programme aims to promote and encourage innovation across the island of Ireland. It brings international expertise in innovation to Queen’s University Belfast, NUI Galway, UCC and Trinity College Dublin.

Best international practice in an area of innovation is shared with business leaders, students, academics, knowledge transfer professionals and policy makers in each region through a series of free innovation lectures, seminars and masterclasses.

Our AIIP Partners

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Online Innovation Seminars & Conferences
Business Model Innovation for Disruptive Technologies

Professor Jonatan Pinkse is a Professor of Strategy, Innovation  at the University of Manchester. Jonatan explained how business model innovation can help in bringing disruptive technologies to the market.

Disruptive Innovation for SMEs

Dr. Matthew Anderson is Professor of Disruptive Leadership at KEDGE Business School and Visiting Scholar at Queens University Belfast. In this seminar, Matthew shares some simple, and fast-flowing tips from recent work in disruptive innovation.

From Ideas to IP!

Dermot Tierney, IP and Licensing Manager at Queen's University Belfast. In this interactive workshop, Dermot Tierney takes delegates through the basics of ideation and how it can extend to IP protection. 

Innovation Challenges and Industry 4.0 Solutions – Session 1

In this session, we hear how global research institutes and technology based start-ups have used deep-tech as a vector to provide innovative solutions for transforming the food system and showcase how the agri-food sector is the up and coming star of the growing start-up and venture capital ecosystem.

Innovation Challenges and Industry 4.0 Solutions – Session 2

The this ession, we learn why market validation is so vital in technological commercialisation. We also hear from innovation investors Yield Lab and Five Season Ventures landscape on how technology is primed to provide radical solutions to innovation challenges faced by the Food System.

Business Model Innovation for Post-Crises Growth

In this video, Professor Oliver Gassman gives real-world examples of how SMEs can pivot their business model to achieve growth. Lawrence Dooley from UCC is the interviewer, asking incisive and relevant questions.


Navigating the Crisis: Where to for SMEs?

In this seminar, Dr. Lawrence Dooley, University College Cork and Dr. Adam Frost, Queen's University Belfast, go head-to-head to examine the implications of the Covid-19 crisis for the SME community.

Strategic Tools for SME Crisis Management

In this seminar, Dr Lisa Messina will identify some of the challenges, discuss the strategies that SMEs can employ and introduces a set of strategic tools that managers can use to lead their SME during conditions of real-time problem solving.

Reshaping the SME Innovation Ecosystem

In this seminar, Professor Roper looks back at how firms innovated after previous crises and how some countries bounced back better than others. He will demonstrate how firms are innovating now and how the SME ecosystem will be reshaped beyond COVID-19.

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