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Digital Public History in a Divided World: Stories, Collaborations, Complexities, Futures

Centre for Public History Annual Conference in collaboration with the Digital Scholarship Hub and MediaLab at QUB

September 12, 2024 - September 13, 2024
Queen's University Belfast
09:00 - 17:00

How is digital technology shaping history in public contexts? How do innovations in fields such as AI and immersive technologies shape how the public and researchers interact with history? What are the opportunities, challenges and risks in digital public history – and for historians using these technologies? Which stories – whose stories – are we telling in a digital history world, and which are being pushed out? What is the (digital) future for public history? Does an AI want to take your job? Will human historians one day be replaced by machines? 

This two-day conference in Belfast in September 2024 welcomes proposals from researchers, students, practitioners and creatives about digital public history.

Call for papers: please send proposals along with the name/s and affiliation (if any) and 100-word biography of presenter/s to by 31 March 2024.



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