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Widening Participation Tour

Welcome to the AHSS Summer school tour on urban history and photography led by Dr Lucy Wray.

You will find all the key images for the tour on this webpage. As we stop at different places along the way, you will be able to view historic photographs taken in these locations here.

 Inside city: interior


A.R. Hogg, city hall interior, 1934. National Museums NI. BELUM.Y2049



A.R. Hogg, city hall interior, 1934. National Museums NI.BELUM.Y2050.



A.R. Hogg, city hall interior, c.1905. National Museums NIBELUM.Y2033.



A.R. Hogg, city hall interior, c.1905. National Museums NI. BELUM.Y2038.


A.R. Hogg, city hall interior, electrolier. c.1905. National Museums NI. BELUM.Y2043.


A.R. Hogg, city hall interior, scaffolding under dome c.1905. National Museums NIBELUM.Y2052.



A.R. Hogg, city hall interior, Hogg photographing dome. c.1905. National Museums NIBELUM.Y2030.


A.R. Hogg, city hall interior, grand stair case c.1905. National Museums NIBELUM.Y2034.


Donegall Place from City Hall




City Hall

A.R. Hogg,  City Hall under construction, 1903. National Museums NI. BELUM.Y1964




A.R. Hogg, Belfast Corporation dustcart in front of the City Hall. The City Hall is still surrounded by advertising hoardings. c.1904. BELUM.Y8563.


Queen Street



R.J. Welch, Georgian terrace at 10-14 Queen Street, demolished January 1913, National Museums NI. BELUM.Y13466.



A.R. Hogg, Joseph Mathers Ltd. Weaver operating damask hand loom. 1914. National Museums NI. BELUM.Y560.


A.R. Hogg,  General Electric Company. Showrooms. Interior. 1932. National Museums NI. BELUM.Y2560.


Chapel Lane

A.R. Hogg, Berry Street looking to Smithfield, National Museums NI. BELUM.Y1716.



A.R. Hogg, from Queen Street junction. 1913. National Museums NI. BELUM.Y1747.

Castle Street

R. J. Welch, Premises of Lipson & Co. (vacated c. 1908). Dated 5 December 1910. National Museums NI. BELUM.Y.W.10.21.23.


Martin Nangle, original photographic print showing view of police at check point and security barrier at junction of Castle Street and Queen Street, 1970s, National Museums NI. BELUM.W2016.20.270.


Castle Place

A.R. Hogg,  Peace Day, Bank Buildings decorated., 1919. National Museums NI. BELUM.Y1733.


W.A. Green, elevated view with trams and people (undated) National Museums NI.HOYFM.WAG.84.


 Belfast Telegaprah, The Bank Buildings, Castle Place, 1942. National Museums NI. HOYFM.BT.782.



A.R. Hogg, Castle Buildings. Men putting in window; for Messrs Campbell Bros, Colour Merchants and Stained Glass Artists. 1936 National Museums NI. BELUM.Y1741.


Corn Market

A.R. Hogg, Masonic Buildings. Arthur Square Saloon and Tyler's Shoe Shop.c. 1912. National Museums NI. BELUM.Y1692.


A.R. Hogg, Mooney's, XL Cafe and Restaurant, with Dublin House on the first floor. For SA McAuley & Dublin Solicitors. National Museums NI. BELUM.Y1678.


Ann Street


R.J. Welch, The old barracks. View of courtyard, looking towards entrance. Dated 12 February, 1894. National Museums NI. BELUM.Y.W.10.21.3.


A.R. Hogg, Messrs W. Turner, Fruiterer, Nos. 1-3. Empire Day Window dressing competition featuring empire fruits. 1930. National Museums NI. BELUM.Y1676.


Pottinger's Entry

A.R. Hogg, Pottingers entry c. 1910. National Museums NI. BELUM.Y2545


R. J. Welch, View from entrance to Pottinger's Court, looking towards High Street. Date 19 July 1901. National Museums NI. BELUM.Y.W.10.21.215.


A.R. Hogg, Morning star pub, 1934. National Museums NI. BELUM.Y2550.


Belfast Telegraph, A locksmith in his shop, Pottinger's Entry, 1933. National Museums NI.HOYFM.BT.1192.


High Street

A.R. Hogg, Albert Memorial Clock, c. 1905-1914. National Museums NI. BELUM.Y2373.



A.R. Hogg, High Street to Albert Clock, crowds to see Prince of Wales. 16 November 1932. Royal cavalcade proceeding along crowd-lined High Street. National Museums NI. BELUM.Y5154.


A.R. Hogg, R. McDowell and Co. Ltd., Jeweller, taken before sale at public auction. 1933. National Museums NI. BELUM.Y2424.


A.R. Hogg, Albert Memorial Clock. 1931. National Museums NI. BELUM.Y2573.


A.R. Hogg, Belfast Naturalist Field Club at St. George's Church.1929. National Museums NI. BELUM.Y2414


Custom House

R.J. Welch, Custom house. c.1890.National Museums NI. BELUM.Y.W.10.21.40.


Donegall Quay

Belfast Telegraph, The Queen's Bridge, Donegall Quay with the cross channel steamers in the background. 1948. National Museums NI. HOYFM.BT.732.



Belfast Telegraph, Cross channel steamers at Donegal Quay, from the Queen's Bridge.1948. National Museums NI. HOYFM.BT.733.


R.J. Welch, an elevated view over the bridge showing a busy scene of people and horse vehicles and tram with the industrialised backdrop of Belfast (undated) National Museums NI. BELUM.Y.W.10.29.38.