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Annual Conference

September 15-16, 2023

Peter Froggatt Centre (PFC), Queen’s University Belfast


  • Friday 15 September
    Time Event Location
    9:00-9:30am Registration  
    9:30-9:45am Welcome  
    9:45-11:00am (Session 1)

    Panel 1A: Medical and social institutions

    • Brian Casey (Durham), ‘Collaboration, confrontation and care: The Franciscan Missionaries of the Divine Motherhood and the provision of healthcare in provincial Ireland, 1942-1970’.

    • Helen Doyle (Maynooth), ‘Institutions of care or confinement? The success and failure of the Irish District Lunatic Asylum system in the nineteenth-century.’

    • Cormac Leonard (TCD), ‘Deaf People in Irish Institutions, 1851 – 1922’

    Chair: Prof. Crawford Gribben (QUB)

    PFC 02/018
    9:45-11:00am (Session 1)

    Panel 1B: Political, military and security institutions

    • Shane Browne (UCD), ‘‘“Playing at soldiering”: the National Volunteers, 1914-17’’
    • Amélie Gaillat (MIC Limerick), ‘The establishment of intelligence services as institutions in Europe at the end of the 19th century’
    • Tom McGrath (Maynooth), Begrudging republicans? An examination of the Irish Republican Association of South Africa, 1919–22

    Chair: Prof. Marie Coleman (QUB)

    PFC 02/026
    11:15am-12:30pm (Session 2)

    Panel 2 (Part 1): Ireland in time of war

    • Susie Deedigan (QUB), ‘‘Another winter here would finish us off’: female political prisoners in Armagh and Mountjoy, 1939-45’
    • Tim Ellis Dale (Teeside), ‘“Neuter-ality?” The Irish Defence Forces as an institution of masculinity during the Emergency, 1939-1945’

    Chair: Dr Keira Williams (QUB)

    PFC 02/018
    11:30-12:30pm (Session 2)

    Panel 2 (Part 2): Family matters

    • David Ryan (Limerick), ‘Personal or public? The relationship between public history and genealogy’

    Chair: Dr Kiera Williams (QUB)

    PFC 02/018



    Keynote 1: Professor Martin Heale 'Lesser and greater monasteries in Henry VIII's England'

    Chair: Prof. Steven G. Ellis (University of Galway / ICHS)

    PFC 02/026
    3:15-4:30pm (Session 3)

    Panel 3A: Leisure, past-times and volunteering

    • Nebiha Guiga (ZfL Berlin), ‘Social conflicts and volunteer work in the Royal National Lifeboat Institution (1850-1914)’
    • Conor Heffernan (Ulster), ‘“Gossip from the Emerald Isle”: Associational Physical Culture in 1950s Ireland’

    Chair: Dr Hiroki Shin (QUB)

    PFC 02/018
    3:15-4:30pm (Session 3)

    Panel 3B: Institutions in late 19th and early 20th century Dublin

    • Carly Collier (UCD), ‘The first “Lady Sanitary Sub-Officers” in Dublin, c. 1898-1920’
    • Joe Curran (TCD), ‘The Slimy Fount Revisited? Dublin Castle in its Urban Context c. 1801-1923’
    • Adrian Kirwan (Maynooth), ‘An Irish Radium Institute: The Royal Dublin Society and the promotion of radioactive therapy in twentieth-century Ireland’

    Chair: Prof. Peter Gray (QUB)

    PFC 02/026

    Wine reception


    Keynote 2 (Keith Jeffery Lecture): Professor Heather Ann Thompson (University of Michigan), ‘America’s Prison Uprisings Past and Present: Why They Matter Across the world’

    Chair: Prof. Marie Coleman (QUB)

    PFC 02/026


  • Saturday 16 September
    Time Event Location
    10:00-11:15am (Session 4)

    Panel 4: Universities

    • Alan Ford (Nottingham), ‘Trinity College and the study of Irish Religious History’

    • Jeremiah Garsha (UCD), ‘The Making and Moving of the University Campus: A Global History of Student Protest and Surveillance Architecture’

    • Martin Walsh (Limerick), ‘Giving voice to those that made a university: The University of Limerick Oral History Project’

    Chair: Dr Ian Campbell (QUB)

    PFC 02/026
    11:30am-12:30pm (Session 5)

    Panel 5: Economic and social institutions

    • Sarah Churchill (Drew University), ‘At Home in the Unhomely: The Photographic Legacy of Mass Social Housing’

    • Anna Devlin (TCD), ‘The impact of Irish economic development associational groups in the early twentieth century’

    Chair: Dr Leonie Hannan (QUB)

    PFC 02/026


    1:40-3:20pm (Session 6)

    Panel 6: Race and slavery

    • Daniel Gilman (Cambridge), ‘Soundscapes of Abolition: The Role of Auditory Institutions in the Eighteenth-Century Campaign Against the Slave Trade.'

    • Patrick Walsh (TCD), ‘Trinity’s Colonial Legacies: Public history, public reckoning, and the challenges of investigating awkward institutional pasts’

    • Jonathan Daniel Wells (Michigan), ‘Partisan Institutions and the Legacy of Slavery: African Americans and the Democratic Party after the Civil War’

    • Lucy Wray (Bristol), ‘Mission responses to Lascar: Race, religion and British ports in the nineteenth century’

    Chair: Prof Peter Gray (QUB)

    PFC 02/026

    Keynote 3: Gillian O'Brien, 'Gatekeepers. Then and now'

    Chair: Prof Diane Urquhart (QUB)

    PFC 02/026 


  • Paper Abstracts

    Conference abstracts and speaker bios can be found here

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