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Travel Info

Belfast International Airport (Aldergrove) is located approximately 17 miles from Belfast. The airport is serviced by bus & taxi. 

The bus, Airport Express 300, operates a 24 hour service between the airport and Belfast with buses departing every 20 minutes for the majority of the day on weekdays, with reduced frequencies at off peak times and weekends. The bus leaves from the bus stop located opposite the terminal exit. To get to Belfast city centre, travel on the bus to the end of its journey at the Belfast Europa Buscentre. This journey will take between 30-45 minutes, subject to traffic conditions. The fares are £7.50 for single and £10.50 for return journey (valid for a month - you can also purchase the ticket online via an app prior to your trip).

From Belfast Europa Buscentre, the main campus of Queen’s University, Belfast is 15-20 minute walk, less than 5 minute taxi ride (around £5) or 5 minute bus ride (Metro number 8B/8D heading towards Malone Road cost £1.70 per journey, cardpayment only).

A taxi to Belfast can be flagged down from the taxi rank at the terminal exit or by ringing a taxi company from one of the designated taxi phones located in the airport. A taxi to Belfast costs upwards of £25/40.

George Best Belfast City Airport is approximately 4 miles from the University. This airport is serviced by taxi, bus or train.

The bus, Airport Express 600, operates every 20 minutes from outside the airport to the Belfast Europa Bus Centre. It runs from 05:45 to 21:25 and costs £2.20 single and £3.30 return journey (valid for a month). From Belfast Europa Buscentre, the main campus of Queen’s University, Belfast is 15-20 minute walk, less than 5 minute taxi ride (around £5) or 5 minute bus ride (Metro number 8B/8D heading towards Malone Road cost £1.70 per journey).

Taxis can be flagged down from the taxi rank at the terminal exit. A taxi to Belfast city centre costs approximately £10. You can also access Uber in Belfast, with an Uber from George Best City to Queen’s University costing approximately £30. 

You can also travel by train. There is a shuttle bus service between the airport terminal and the Sydenham train stop. Go to the information desk and ask for the service to bring you to the train station (it is free of charge). You’ll be instructed to wait by the taxi rank where the shuttle bus will collect you. Once at the Sydenham train station, board the train direction Belfast Central/Belfast Victoria Street/Lisburn/Portadown and get off at Botanic. You will buy your ticket from the conductor (single trip £2.10). The train ride is approx. 8mins, the train runs roughly every 20/30 minutes Monday-Saturday between 06:00 and 22:00. First service 06.36 and last service 22.51. There is timetable at the station and should be available from tourist information at the airport. 

Dublin international airport. You can see which terminal you are arriving by going to  Once you are at the airport, you do not need to travel into town centre – there are buses running to Belfast directly. It takes between 2hrs and 2:30hrs between the airport and the Belfast city centre. 

Two options are available there. Both these services arrive at the Europa Bus Centre/ Great Victoria Train station in Belfast, Northern Ireland. 

From Zone 10 Stop 1 - all Busses leave for Northern Ireland. These are Bus Éireann (ROI Company, red livery) & Translink (UK Company, dark blue) running together. Buses run as follows You can buy tickets from the driver or online here: A return ticket (valid for 1 month) is €22.20, you can pay either in Euro or in Sterling (GBP). 

Alternatively, there is an Aircoach – an Irish bus company that runs from both terminals and does a non-stop route to Belfast, . It costs roughly 22 Euros, however, the Aircoach is often already booked out when attempting to buy tickets at the airport. Therefore, you should buy the ticket online. The timetable and booking options can be found here: . They set off from the Airport 20 mins earlier than Bus Éireann (at 45 mins from T2 and 5mins later at T1). 

From Europa Bus Centre. Unless you are taking a train from City Airport/Sydenham to Botanic, you are likely to arrive at the Europa Bus Centre. From there, head south on Great Victoria Street (A1) and you will arrive at Shaftsbury Square. Across the Square you will see the big billboard (going into China town, left) and Istanbul Market (shop, on the right) – follow the street between the two and you will be on Botanic Avenue. There will be Botanic Avenue train station on your left, a bit further along the road on your right, you will find the University main buildings and further yet, Botanic Garden.  

If the weather is particularly dreadful, which is a possibility in this corner of the world, a taxi is always nearby. From the city centre to Queen’s University, Belfast main campus it takes approximately five minutes and is would cost you around £5. Two larger taxi companies are Value Cabs and FonaCab (both work in hand, 0044 2890 333 333, 0044 9080 9080). Alternatively, there a number of taxi ranks or taxi offices located throughout the city (Note, the fancy looking old taxis are more expensive but the driver will tell you everything you need to know about the town). 

Belfast city hall in Summer
Travelling to Belfast
Belfast is easy to get to and a vibrant, multi-cultural place to visit

As Belfast flourishes as a global food, culture, arts and shopping destination, Queen’s is at the social and cultural heart of the city.

Getting to Belfast