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Please note that all panels will be either online, or on site: We have decided to encourage either/or options as mixed/hybrid panels have different discussion dynamics and we are keen on benefitting from personal interactions while putting everyone in the panel on equal footing.

Please do check whether we have incorporated all changes to your paper title, names of your co-authors, affiliation in the programme: There has been a large number of emails going around – inevitably something was missed: let us know if this is the case by sending an email to If you are no longer able to participate, we – alongside other participants – will appreciate a brief note to that effect too. Thank you for understanding!

We would also kindly ask you to consider acting as a chair and/or discussant at the conference by letting us know by a separate email to which panel you are volunteering to and in which role (chair/discussant) – do send us the panel number & title (eg “I volunteer to be a discussant on the panel 2c Religion & Nationalism in Africa”): we appreciate your contribution to the event and will try to accommodate everyone’s availability.

Please check-in here for the updated version of the programme:

Current version April 22: IPSA COL 22.04 programme

Earlier framework programme: 2023 IPSA COL v26.03

Programme of Events

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