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Our long-term vision for Precision Cancer Medicine is that all cancer patients have access to high-quality, comprehensive and timely molecular characterization of their tumour to inform therapeutic and clinical management


“We are witnesses to the genomic revolution that is transforming our understanding of human disease in general, and cancer in particular. Harnessing the power of the latest technologies we are now able to select the right targeted treatments and the concept of precision medicine is now a reality for many oncology patients. Our aim is to advance the clinical applications of cancer genomics to every patient and significantly improve their outcomes and quality of life.”

Professor David Gonzalez de Castro, Genomics Lead 

Precision Medicine - Genomics

In addition to the investigation and implementation of predictive biomarkers for targeted therapies through national and international collaborations, we aim to closely collaborate with industry and academic partners in developing diagnostic and prognostic algorithms to formally classify and risk-stratify patients with early and late-stage cancers.  By integrating tissue analysis with circulating biomarkers we can generate new algorithms to improve clinical care, develop strategies for early detection and carry out novel interventional studies with non-invasive technologies.

Our investment in the latest technology and automation, coupled with a team with vast experience in delivering clinical cancer genomics, unlocks a wide range of possibilities for innovative collaborations in large-scale genomics studies, making the translation of science into clinical applications faster than ever before.

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