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Precision Medicine Centre

UKAS PMC 20634

From Discovery to Adoption

The Precision Medicine Centre (PMC) is a co-investment from Invest Northern Ireland, Queen’s University Belfast and the Health & Social Care Research & Development Division of the Public Health Agency

The Precision Medicine Centre of Excellence (PMC) at Queen’s University Belfast is a new clinical laboratory bringing together high-throughput genomics, digital pathology and big data analytics in a fully integrated fashion. The PMC aims to accelerate the translation of potentially relevant diagnostic, prognostic and therapeutic findings into clinically actionable information by applying state-of-the-art technology in a clinical laboratory environment. Our partnerships and collaborations with industry, academia and healthcare organisations maximises the potential to capitalise on the value of integrated clinical and biomarker information to improve patient’s outcome.

The PMC extends along 563m2, more than 300m2 of which represent newly refurbished laboratory space. The PMC is a fully-integrated clinical biomarker laboratory, building up on the successful Molecular Pathology programme at QUB where 17 new high-quality clinical and scientific staff have been recruited, and over £2M investment in the latest technology in genomics, digital pathology and laboratory automation are in place. The PMC will operate within a structure of two core interconnected sections – Genomics and Tissue Hybridization & Digital Pathology, linked by a Bioinformatics team and supported by a dedicated management team. The PMC, working in partnership with the successful Northern Ireland Biobank (NIB), is integrated in an existing molecular programme honed by successful research grant funding investment of several million, infrastructure programmes and clinical trials. 

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Female analyzing tissue

Tissue Hybridization and Digital Pathology

At the forefront of modern hybridization pathology, digital pathology and artificial intelligence applied to tissues and cells

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Unlocking a wide range of possibilities for innovative collaborations in large-scale genomics studies, making the translation of science into clinical applications faster than ever before

Clinical Diagnostics 800 533


Clinical Diagnostics

The Precision Medicine Centre hosts a collaborative arrangement between Queen’s University Belfast (QUB) and the Belfast Health & Social Care Trust (BHSCT) to provide state of the art molecular diagnostics to cancer patients in Northern Ireland

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The Northern Ireland Biobank

The Northern Ireland Biobank (NIB) is a thriving cancer focused regional biobank established to underpin excellence in translational cancer research



Education and Training

Continuous educational activity is created in the PMC not only from the formal QUB taught education programmes but also through short courses, mini workshops as well as in-service tutorials, lectures and invited speaker seminars

Services and Equipment

The Precision Medicine Centre of Excellence at Queen's University Belfast offers high-throughput genomics, digital pathology and big data analytics in a fully integrated fashion





CRUK Accelerator Programme

The Accelerator represents a unique programme, creating critical mass in areas of pivotal importance/relevance to CRUK: Molecular Pathology, Cancer Immunotherapy and Artifical Intelligence/Digital Pathology (AI/DP)

PathLAKE Programme

The PathLAKE consortium includes some of the UK’s leading NHS Trusts and Universities in collaboration with industrial partners at the forefront of artificial intelligence (AI) and digital pathology innovation

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 Precision Medicine Centre of Excellence

Queen’s University Belfast
Health Sciences Building
97 Lisburn Road
Belfast BT9 7AE
Tel: +44(0)28 9097 2293 

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