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The PMC Training Programme

A number of QUB Taught Education Programmes are closely aligned with the activities of the Precision Medicine Centre


"A new challenge in personalising clinical medicine is before us. As a result it is critical that we deliver education programmes with relevance not only in the clinical practice of genomic medicine but also in the application of novel technologies and artificial intelligence. The PMC is ideally placed to support such education and training; upskilling our laboratory workforce and driving innovation and entrepreneurship.” 

Professor Jackie James, Training and Education Lead

Precision Cancer - The Northern Ireland Biobank

Within the PMC there is a great emphasis on education and training.  All affiliated staff undertake appropriate competency based training and engage in teaching of research fellows, students (undergraduate and postgraduate) as well as those undertaking clinical internships and medical rotations from cellular pathology.

A number of QUB taught education programmes are closely aligned with the activities of the PMC and the wider Molecular Pathology Programme.  Our staff contribute to a range of popular forward-looking courses including the Masters in Cancer Medicine (by research) and the QUB Masters in Bioinformatics and Computational Genomics.

Continuous educational activity is created in the PMC not only from the formal QUB taught education programmes but also through short courses, mini workshops as well as in-service tutorials, lectures and invited speaker seminars.

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