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Iraklis Argyriou

Dr. Iraklis Argyriou


Research Fellow
School of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering

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Dr. Iraklis Argyriou holds a PhD in Energy and Environmental Policy from the University of Delaware, USA for which his thesis explored the role of cities in sustainable energy development.  Iraklis is currently a Research Fellow in Socio-Technical Transition Analysis at the William Wright Technology Centre (W-Tech) of Queen’s University Belfast, working for the EPSRC project ‘Prosperity Partnership: Roadmaps to Zero Net Emissions in Urban Public Transport’.  His research at the W-Tech Centre addresses the political economy dynamics of socio-technical environmental transitions by examining constrains and possibilities for the low carbon transformation of UK local bus systems.  This involves attention to the various ways in which state and non-state actors define, negotiate and influence transition visions, processes and outcomes throughout different UK territories.  Prior to joining Queen’s University Belfast, Iraklis held a post-doctoral position in China with the French National Centre for Scientific Research.  His broader research interests lie in the area of governance and climate change transitions in particular at the urban to regional level.