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Maria Angela Ferrario

Dr. Maria Angela Ferrario

Senior Lecturer, Computer Science (Software Engineering / Human Computer Interaction)
School of Electronics, Electrical Engineering and Computer Science

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Dr Maria Angela Ferrario has expertise in both Software Engineering (SE) and Human Computer Interaction (HCI), with focus on socio-technical aspects of SE. She adopts participatory methods in software systems design and investigate the role of human values in SE decision making processes and of digital technology in environmental and societal change. She holds a PhD in On-line Intelligent Systems (University College Dublin), an MSc in Multimedia Systems (Trinity College Dublin), and a BA/MA in Philosophy and Social Psychology (Milan University). Marshall McLuhan Senior Fellow in digital sustainability at the DCI, University of Toronto, Canada (2017-2019). Before joining academia, she worked at the European EEIG ERNACT, managing e-government projects focused on the social and economic development of EU crossborder regions through digital innovation. She joined QUB in 2021 from the School of Computing and Communications (SCC), Lancaster University, UK.