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Mark Emmerson

Prof. Mark Emmerson

Professor of Biodiversity
School of Biological Sciences

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Mark Emmerson is a Professor of Biodiversity in the School of Biological Sciences. His research focuses on the drivers of biodiversity loss and the consequences for ecosystem functioning and stability. He uses a mixture of experimental and theoretical approaches to understand and predict the dynamics of natural ecosystems in response to the drivers of biodiversity change. Increasingly, these drivers of change involve the decision-making processes of those that manage the land and sea and understanding those decisions is key to the implementation of measures that can limit impacts on biodiversity and ecosystems. Mark’s recent research has focused on the mitigating effects of biodiversity on climate change impacts through the application of Nature based Solutions. Mark is the Vice President of the British Ecological Society, is a Co-Chair of the All-Island Climate and Biodiversity Research Network, member of Belfast City Council Sustainability and Resilience Board and Steering Group member of ClimateNI.