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Nuala Flood

Dr. Nuala Flood

Senior Lecturer in Architecture
School of Natural and Built Environment

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Dr. Nuala Flood is a Senior Lecturer in Architecture at Queen’s University Belfast (QUB) where she is also the director of the BSc Architecture Programme. Her transdisciplinary research explores how codesign methods, ecotopian design fictions, urban interventionist practices and participatory mapping can be used to contextualise socio-spatial and environmental issues. Her work with Dr Tristan Sturm (QUB Human Geography) traces the multi-dimensional place-based consequences of lead contamination of the water system in Belfast. In 2017 she created the award-winning pedagogical experience, Public CoLab, where teams of architecture students work with external partners and subject experts to investigate the place-based manifestations of wicked phenomena such as climate change adaptation, the compromised water system and, most recently, the Covid proofed city. Her research has been published widely in academic journals and international conferences, and has also been disseminated via exhibitions, installations, and workshops. As an ARB registered architect, she has designed and managed the construction of large-scale energy-efficient office developments, social housing projects and public library schemes.