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Rosalind Silvester

Dr. Rosalind Silvester


Senior Lecturer in French Studies
School of Arts, English and Languages

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Dr. Ros Silvester is Senior Lecturer in French Studies whose main research centres on francophone Chinese writing, art and film, transnationalism and migration studies. Within this broad field, her recent work has focussed on the environmental art produced by Chinese-born artists in French-speaking countries, such as their use of recycled materials and rubbish, the creation of an ‘imaginary garden’ installation and the analogy between invasive species and migrants. Her third monograph will develop this research into a wider study of the visual ecologies of francophone Chinese artworks.

She is also the principal supervisor of Kathryn Nelson, a practising environmental artist, whose PhD on ‘Ecological Knowledge Dissemination via Cultural Intermediaries and Visual Art’ spans the disciplines of art, biology and education.