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Jamie-Lukas Campbell

Jamie-Lukas Campbell

PhD Researcher
School of History, Anthropology, Philosophy and Politics

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Jamie-Lukas is a PhD student and advocate for social justice at Queen’s University Belfast. Their research examines intersectionality within the US military and government, with a focus on the experiences of Black Americans and queer Americans. Prior to their PhD, Jamie-Lukas worked as a public affairs and communications consultant for US political leaders and organisations. Jamie-Lukas is a long-time champion of equality, sustainability, and social justice. They believe that everyone deserves to have a voice and that everyone should have the opportunity to thrive. Their interdisciplinary work examines how structural oppression impacts communities and what reforms can promote diversity, participation, and authentic inclusion on campus and in the community. Outside of academia, Jamie-Lukas is actively engaged in supporting community and progressive and accountable systems.

Jamie-Lukas is passionate about using their research and experience to make a difference in the world and on our campus by supporting efforts to decolonise the curriculum, bring the community together, and help amplify the voices of the underrepresented.