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Ophthalmology Research at Balmoral Show

NICRF Research Optometrist Dr Emma McConnell recently attended The Balmoral Show, alongside other QUB researchers working in eye research; Dr Lajos Csinscik, Hanagh Winter and Amie Lowry.  Dr. McConnell said of the visit ‘we were very pleased to be representing ophthalmology research at Queens University Belfast at The Balmoral Show.  We had interactive tests aimed towards children and it was great to see them engaging with us. We also did games to measure vision, colour vision, 3D vision (stereopsis).  This included having pictures of animal eyes in which the children had to match to the correct animal name.  Lajos was able to talk to adults about some of his research, discussing findings in the retina and how these are associated with Alzheimer’s disease.  Adults as well as children enjoyed wearing the simulation glasses to show people what your vision would be like if you have an eye disease such as cataract, age-related macular degeneration, glaucoma and diabetic retinopathy’.